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Good evening!Attention all incoming freshmen and/or new band students:

All band students(excluding colorguard) must purchase all 3 pieces of the under armor clothing set: 2 shirts (one OC black and one OC blue) and 1OC short. It is a requirement and considered part of their marching uniform. No other alternate shirts or shorts are allowed. Make sure you choose the appropriate shorts as the fit differs.

If you are a current band student and need to replace any shirts or shorts, now is the time! 

Please go to the following link to make your purchase.

All items will need to be shipped directly to YOUR HOME

**Purchases MUST be made by August 16th at midnight. The shop will only be open from August 1-August 16** Any purchases made after this date will be subject to shipping charges (approx $20-$30 along with a possible increase in price on the shirt/short) so please please make sure you meet the August 16th deadline!!

Email if you have any questions about the under armor purchase. 


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