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Band Info - Prep Days & More!

We had a great first day of band camp! The kids did great outside and were so excited to be back to a mostly normal year! It was wonderful to see all the kids back at school buzzing around and you could see the excitement in their faces to be back with their friends and to be at band camp! Remember to hydrate, eat a light breafast -no dairy, and wear cool clothing, and sunscreen!

We want to thank you for ALL the donations we have received over the last week for our Porch Café and if you haven’t had an opportunity to donate but would still like to, you are welcome to send them with your student and they can drop off in the mornings on the porch.

Porch Café will continue to be outside in the mornings during band camp with snacks and drinks for the kids to purchase.


Prep Days is almost here! This event is mandatory as this is when the students register for band, get fitted for their marching uniform, order shoes,take the inital band payments, take band pictures – in their new uniform, and go over all things band.

Aug 5th 4:30pm – 8pm-ALL SENIORS

Aug 6th 4:30pm – 8pm- ALL JUNIORS / SOPHMORES


!!!!!!THE SHOE VENDOR WILL ONLY BE WITH US ON SATURDAY, AUG 7!!!! If your prep day is not Saturday, but you still need shoes, you will need to come to your regularly scheduled prep day and then come anytime on Saturday to meet with him. AGAIN, THIS WILL BE THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE DINKLES (BAND SHOES) AND ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE THESE SHOES IN ORDER TO MARCH OUR SHOW AND PARTICIPATE IN GAMES AND COMPETITIONS.

-I will also be needing a few helping hands during prep days to assist with manning some of our tables (distributing rain coats, hydration packs etc). Please email or text me if you would like to help during prep days!

-A photographer will be on site and will be taking pictures of all of our band students when they try on their marching uniform for our band yearbook. They will have photo packages available to purchase.

-A1 SPORTS will be at our prep days if anyone would like to purchase a letterman jacket.


I am needing some help with sorting our marching uniforms and getting them prepared for distribution at prep days. I will be working on them THIS WEDNESDAY 7/28 @ 10am, THURSDAY 7/29 @ 10am and FRIDAY 7/30 @ 8:30am. We will be meeting outside on the porch and then head on over to the band hall where they are stored. Anyone who would be willing to come help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please email or text me if you would like to help!


I will be having a chaperone meeting on AUG 4th, at 4pm (when band camp ends) in DIEROLF Band Hall. This will be an informational meeting to go over all things chaperones. If you would like to chaperone a football game, competition, or any time the band travels, this is a great meeting to attend.


If you were not able to order the under armor back a few weeks back, we have reopened the store! IF YOU NEED NEW SHIRTS/SHORTS, NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER! The link will only be available until AUG 1 @ 11:59pm.

These items are to be worn underneath the marching uniforms every time they are worn. Black shirt and Blue shorts. The Blue shirt is required for our more dressier days – pep rallies, parades, band functions where we do not wear the marching uniform. (There are two options for the blue shirt. One option is for a Large only. The other option has all sizes except the Large.)

Please use this link to order directly from TEAM CONNECTION and they will ship directly to your home.


All students have been entered into Charms. This is where we keep track of all band fees. Please take a moment to look at the attached document for instructions on how to log into charms.

If you have logged into charms before, continue to use your same password. If you are new to our band, your students id is your initial password and you will be prompted to change it. If you have any problems logging on, please email me and I will help you get in.

Our band website is our directors main form of communication aside from emails to parents. All our band info and calendar of events is on our website.

Please take a moment to get familiar with our website and calendar. You can also sign up to receive emails anytime new information is posted.

Our website also has our incoming freshman presentation, and information on our Disney trip we are taking on Spring Break!

I hope this email is helpful! We have a lot of new students this year as well as a lot of ‘virtual only’ students from last year returning to in person for the very first time!

See you around the band hall!!


Jennifer Wall VP2 OC Band Boosters 210-287-1794


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