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Band Placement Auditions

Good afternoon. It's that time of year where our band students start preparing for their band placement auditions! Music was distributed through the Google classroom back on April 13. Students are expected to practice the material and record themselves. This recording is due no later than May 22 at 11:59pm. This recording will determine two things 1) what band they will be placed in and 2) if they will receive a varsity spot in the marching show. We need your support in making sure that your student is practicing daily in preparation for this placement. Directors are available for assistance and if you have the financial ability, online private lesson tutors are also available. Although we are on "stand by" with this pandemic, the staff at OC is still planning on having an amazing fall season! But we need your help in ensuring that your student is diligently practicing. We appreciate your support, we miss our Panther Band family, and we will see you soon! 


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