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Dripping Springs Drumline Contest

Saturday, September 21st

Performance Time - 4:30 pm


Dripping Springs High School Tiger Stadium

940 W Highway 290

Dripping Spring, TX 78620

Admission Price (for non-performers) Adults- $8 Students/seniors- $5


09:45 a.m- Call time/set up on the grid

10:00 a.m- Start rehearsal

11:00 a.m- End rehearsal/load trailer

11:15 a.m- Students will have an hour and 15 minutes to grab lunch on their own and change.

12:30 p.m- Load Bus and head to Dripping Springs

02:30 p.m- Arrive at the stadium and sign in/use restroom

02:45 p.m- Be at the trailer to get things set up for the pit etc.

03:00 p.m- Head to the warm up Zone

03:15 p.m- Official warm up in Zone D

04:15 p.m- Transit

04:25 p.m- Be at the gate

04:30 p.m- Performance

04:45 p.m- Head to trailer to load up

05:00 p.m- Students may change out of their bibbers and wear their OC shorts/compression shirt for the remainder of the day. (Section Leaders will need to change back to uniform for the award ceremony.)

5:00-7:00 p.m- Watch the remaining groups/eat at the concessions.

07:30 p.m- Award Ceremony *Section Leaders will represent OC

Approx. 08:00 p.m- Load up bus and head back to the school

Approx. 10:00 p.m- Arrive at OC and unload trailer.

Members will be reminded to call/text parents when we arrive to San Antonio.

*All students must help put everything into small band hall. That means battery members helping with electronics and rack equipment.

Uniform: All performers will need to have wear their under uniform gear (black shirt and shorts) and will wear their bibbers plus digital top with marching shoes and long black socks. Students will be sent home if they do not have the correct attire.

As of today, the forecast for Saturday is a high of 89° and a low of 69°. There is also a chance for rain that day so be prepared.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at


Jose Marin


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