Sep 10th Booster Meeting Minutes

A. Meeting Called to order at 7:04pm

B. Quorum was present

C. President Ken Baguso presided

a. Meeting minutes were reviewed by volunteers prior to meeting

b. Belinda Sterling motioned to accept minutes as presented

c. Valerie Alaniz seconded the motion

d. Motioned carried

e. Minutes will be posted on website for members to review prior to next meeting

D. Treasurer, Chris Gold

a. End of August cash balance is about $90,000

b. Charms accounts are still being updated

c. Charms charged all students for hydration packs, those accounts will be cleared up

d. Budget report will be posted to Charms prior to next meeting

E. Director Comments, Alfonso Alvarado

a. Thanked parents for attending meeting

b. The band is at a great starting point in the marching show

c. For inclement weather, rehearsal will be moved indoors

d. Use Remind text to inform directors if student is running late for practice due to


e. Website is up. Calendar is updated.

f. First contest is 9/28/19 in Fredericksburg followed by Taft game, which we’ll be

honoring our Veterans. Students will have Lenny’s Subs before the game or students

can eat their own meal on the bus

g. BOA Houston on 10/5/19, we perform early, call time at 3am, there is not a football

game that week. Contest itinerary will be finalized this week

h. Parents please make sure students are passing their classes in order to be eligible to

perform with band. Students can do FLEX schedule to help with grades. Tutoring is

also available before or after school. Directors will work with students who miss

practice as long as they bring a note from their teachers

F. Old Business

a. President – Ken Baguso: We’ve had great volunteer participation

b. VP1 – Yolanda Ramirez, Fundraising

i. Fundraisers are going well

ii. Hot Dog Howdy we made about $3000

iii. Tumbler sales we made about $5000(should arrive 10/9-10/16)

iv. Popcorn fundraiser this month, which will be 50% profit

v. Merchandise-getting new items this week and next week, we need help selling at


vi. Concessions for Sept 12, we need 5 more volunteers or we will be fined $300

vii. Pather Cards are being sold all year long, they are $20 each

viii. October’s fundraiser will be coffee sales

c. Marching contest 9/28 will be posted on website, $5 per spectator

d. BOA Houston on Oct 5, $21 for prelims or finals, $31 for both, $5 parking. Band will

be staying for finals announcements at 5pm. Reminder: clear plastic bags for most


G. New Business

a. VP2 – Jennifer Wall, Uniforms

i. Mrs. Wall will be available in Uniform room open from 8:00am to noon most days

ii. 9/11 5pm is deadline to submit/return any errors of uniform package to vendor

iii. Students can pick up marching shoes and band pictures in the uniform room

iv. Section shirts have been ordered

v. Chaperones and medical are needed for Friday’s game

b. VP3 – Grant Lawrence Move/Water Crew

i. Working logistics of contest in Fredericksburg, Austin and Houston

ii. Andy Silva trying to make sure students have water during/after practices,

volunteer help is greatly appreciated

c. VP4 – Neko Armstrong, Food

i. First Game Day Dinner is this wee

ii. Volunteers let Neko know if you didn’t get the sign-up genius email

iii. Need volunteers 9/28 at Fredericksburg contest to feed students before game

iv. Contact Neko if student has any food allergies or if alternate meal is needed

d. VP5 – Cherie Manning, Guard Liaison

i. Need help to French braid guard girls

ii. Need help with make-up and costumes

e. Director, Alfonso Alvarado

i. Previewed new digital top

ii. Guard costumes to arrive by 9/16

iii. Front side line panels are ready for show

iv. CW band Grant of $5000, text Band20 to 44332 to vote

f. Ken Baguso, President

i. Thank you for being booster members, membership dues help pay administrative

costs of boosters

ii. Booster Membership Cards allow discounts on some items, not all items

iii. Athletics will also honor discount when band booster membership cards are


H. Adjournment

a. Jessica Lunsford motioned to adjourn the meeting

b. Sarah McBride seconded the motion

c. All in favor, motion carried

d. Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm

Next booster meeting October 8, 2019


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