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TMEA District Auditions (11/15-11/17) Warren HS

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Timeline for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

5:00 PM Monitor Meeting

5:30 PM Judges Meeting

5:30 PM Student Check in

6:00 PM Audition begins


  1. Flute

  2. Clarinet:

  3. Alto Saxophone

  4. Trumpet

  5. Percussion


  1. Upper Woodwind Room: Piccolo, Oboe, Eb Soprano Clarinet

  2. Lower Woodwind Room: Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Contra Bass Clarinet

  3. Tenor and Baritone Saxophone

  4. Horn

  5. Bass/Tenor Trombone

  6. Euphonium

  7. Tuba


  1. Flute

  2. Clarinet

  3. Alto Saxophone

  4. Trumpet

  5. Percussion

Cell phones must be turned off and away during the audition. You can bring a paper book!

Do not wear clothing that identifies your school. This is a blind audition. That means we don’t know who is from where until after the audition is complete.

No distracting devices such as fidget spinners, games, or other personal devices. Bring a paper book!


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