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US Bands Yamaha Cup Competition

Sandra Day O’Connor Panther Band

Itinerary for October 9, 2021

US Bands Yamaha Competition

DW Rutledge Stadium

900 S. Seguin Converse, Tx 78109

Roll Call: 1:00pm

Buses Depart: 1:15pm

Warm up: 2:40pm

Performance: 3:30pm

Back to stands to have snacks: 4:00pm

Awards: 5:00pm

IF we make finals: IF we don’t make finals:

Dinner: 5:30pm Dinner: 5:30pm

Finals start: 7pm Leave Rutledge Stadium: 6:30pm

Finals awards: 10pm Arrive at school: 7:30pm

Arrive at school: Midnight

Ticket information:


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